Security with

Pomdoc Pro

Guaranteeing a high level of security is a priority at Pomelo-Paradigm. This is why we demand optimal protection for our Pomdoc Pro platform.

All the data in your reports is highly confidential: it is imperative to have it in a secure solution.

ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance


Pomelo-Paradigm is ISO 27001 certified, a recognized global standard for information security management. Our commitment to data protection is also reflected in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and includes: 

- integrating data protection by design 

- personal data protection

- processing people's requests for the exercise of rights 

Rigorous management of access rights

We also act on the management of access rights. Pomdoc Pro offers advanced features for setting read and write rights, ensuring security for your documents. 

SSO (Single Sign On) authentication 

Facilitate access while strengthening security with our SSO authentication system. With this system and our 100% French hosting, our collaborative platform is ideal for designing your regulatory documents in complete security. 

Information systems security

Our SSI experts maintain and guarantee the security of our infrastructure, and by extension that of your data.

Traceability and accountability 

Our Pomdoc Pro platform saves and tracks all actions performed in your documents. Traceability guarantees that at any time, it is possible to trace the modifications, additions, and interactions that have been made to your documents.