Our commitment:

from social ambition to environmental approach

Our Raison d'être

Financial and regulatory reporting has always been tedious and stressful. We aim to offer technological and business solutions to put people at the core of the document creation process.

Our vision

At Pomelo-Paradigm, employee well-being has always been a priority. It is at the core of our CSR approach. This is also essential in our relationship with our stakeholders.

Our environmental approach

Pomelo-Paradigm encourages its employees and stakeholders to adopt eco-responsible behaviors on a daily basis and in their use of digital technology. We have implemented actions and equipment to raise awareness and reduce our waste and emissions: training, displays, recycling, disposal of computer equipment, washable dishes, coffee makers, limits on document printing, remote meetings...

Committed to responsible digital technology

As a software publisher, digital technology is our second largest source of carbon emissions (23%) after travel (28.5% according to the results of our 2022 GHG emissions assessment). This is why we have drawn up a Sustainable IT Charter and commit to:

• choose ISO 50001 hosts using eco-responsible equipment, located in the European Union (and if possible in France),

• optimize the use of our servers,

• simplify our code and create lightweight interfaces,

• take into account the lifespan and reparability of the purchased equipment,

• Follow our Disposal Policy.

Certified Silver at Greenly and Bronze at EcoVadis

The promising results of our first carbon footprint assessment allowed us to measure our impact and establish a sustainable environmental strategy. Therefore, we have identified improvement areas recommended by our climate experts.

Our aim?

🔁 Engage our stakeholders in this logic of continuous improvement

🔁 Raise awareness among our teams, our first CSR ambassadors

🔁 And achieve an even lower score in 2025 🚀

This involves making concrete commitments, such as training our teams and investing in carbon sequestration projects. We have invested 152% of our 2022 emissions to support three projects in India, Mexico and the Amazon in 2024.