Create, tag, edit your documents in real-time.

Pomdoc Pro provides everything you need to produce your regulatory reports: view, edit, secure, and translate them in a single place.

Our tool is based on collaborative work integrating high-level graphic quality and a cutting-edge technical features.

Export to the format of your choice (including XHTML and XLIFF)

A platform accessible from a simple web browser

With your graphic identity

Teamwork made easier

A single document with a versioning system

Automated production and tagging

Pomdoc Pro features

Pomdoc Pro combines the world of graphic designers with their dedicated functionalities in an intuitive environment to facilitate financial and extra-financial reports edition in a secure platform. Pomdoc Pro gives you everything you need to produce regulatory documents, in a single and secure platform, edit and export them in PDF and XHTML (ESEF compliant).

Secure Environment

SSO authentication

ISO 27001 and RGPD

Management of access rights (read write, etc.)

Collaborative document edition

Unlimited number of users

Text, Images, Tables, Graphics, Canvas, etc.

Glossaries, ortho-typo checker

Design and Layout

Multi-format (Portrait - Landscape - Slide ... custo)

Standardized design and aesthetics, improved quality

Advanced style sheets (text & tables)

Dynamic colors (per chapter)

Layer management (chapter entries, foliage, alternate headers, footers, etc.)

Imported fonts management

Advanced Features

Multi-document generation wizards

Multi-document update wizards

Massive exports

Documents compilation

Semantic XHTML


XBRL Consumer et Producer certified


Permanent, editable and visual tagging

ESEF client taxonomy (import, export, edition)

ESEF report validation (Arelle, UBParner, Corporatings...)


Word Import / Export (styles mapping)

Excel Import / Export Excel (with automatic table updating)

Connectivity with Invoke / UBPartner / SSO / Pomkit API...

Regulatory Documents

Financial and extra-financial reports are increasingly regulated. Since 2021, ESEF reporting has required publishing the URD in iXBRL format. Soon, CSRD will also use this technology in the sustainability report.

With Pomdoc Pro, you have all the features you need to produce your documents in compliance with current regulations:

Understanding the XBRL standard

To prepare the extended taxonomy

IFRS financial statements management
Production Management

of the web format documents and management of the final document

Management of the final document model