Compliance with Pomdoc Pro 

Regulatory publications have to comply with a fast changing regulation and intensifying standards. Annual report, URD, ESEF report, quarterly report, half-yearly report, non-financial report, sustainability report, etc. All of them has to be conform. Thus, issuers are doubling down on vigilance. 

With Pomdoc Pro, Pomelo-Paradigm simplifies compliance with standards such as ESEF (European Single Electronic Format), IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard), and CSRD (Corporate Sustainibility Reporting Directive), thanks to its complete and scalable features, as well as its team of compliance experts.

ESEF Taxonomy setup

Our experts work in collaboration with your team to ensure regulatory-compliant tagging and mapping for your reports.

We remain constantly informed of future developments, and are actively contributing to European think tanks (Member of XBRL France and XBRL Europe). 

Export in XHTML Format for ESEF compliance

Our solution generates documents in XHTML format, meeting ESEF standards. Markup carried out on Pomdoc Pro guarantees compliance, while allowing better data management. 

Compliance with standards and validation 

Pomdoc Pro complies with ESEF, IFRS, and CSRD standards and includes validation tools such as Arelle, UBPartner, and Corporatings to ensure the accuracy and compliance of your financial and sustainability reports. 

4. Financial data integration 

Pomdoc Pro allows you to integrate financial data from different sources and automate their management. 

5. Green Taxonomy and CSRD 

Pomdoc Pro allows you to manage the Green Taxonomy, allowing companies to measure, compare and improve their environmental and social impact in compliance with European directives.

In anticipation of regulatory developments, Pomdoc Pro supports CSRD, integrating quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Pomdoc Pro is your trusted partner to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

From taxonomy to reports' publication, Pomdoc Pro offers a complete and secure approach.