Pomdoc Pro, a collaborative platform

Simplicity is the key to a better collaboration.

This is why Pomdoc pro provides a collaborative tool that is easy to use and complete for your documents production, enabling you to consult them in a single place, to edit and to translate them, in real time with you peers.

Simplify collaboration 

Pomdoc Pro allows all contributors to intervene simultaneously, using a simple browser. A single, always up-to-date version reduces wasted time and increases efficiency. 

Complete document edition

Pomdoc Pro offers a collaborative document editor, integrating a wide range of design features. With unlimited users and the ability to collaborate on a document simultaneously, Pomdoc Pro provides everything you need to work as a team. 

Integrated annotations and comments

Make document communication easier with Pomdoc Pro's built-in annotation and commenting features. Add notes, share ideas and clarify key points directly in the document, enabling good understanding and constructive discussions. 

Collaborative dashboard

Stay informed of the project's progress thanks to a collaborative dashboard. View contributions in real time, track key process steps, and quickly identify areas requiring attention. An essential tool for managing your projects.