Design with

Pomdoc Pro

With Pomdoc Pro, we support issuers in the graphic creation of their regulatory publications and share our expertise with them. Discover how our platform simplifies and improves the design of your reports. 

Work in a single version exportable in all formats 

With Pomdoc Pro, the graphic quality of your document is guaranteed when exported, whatever the desired format (PDF, XHTML, etc.). The DTP engine adapts the layout and respects the structure of the document both in PDF and in other formats. Integrate your visual identity, create your personalized style sheets and apply the layouts of the templates, even the most complex (double or triple columns, management of text in flow or page by page, title/subtitle reminder, odd folio /even…) 

Control and visualization 

With real-time preview, the user can control the appearance of the document and adjust formatting or content as necessary. Control tools are available, such as viewing bleeds, invisible characters, as well as diagnostic tools to check the properties of elements integrated into the document. 

Simplified export

Export your document to high definition PDF for the printer, or adopt the XHTML format for ESEF publication. Pomdoc Pro makes creating reports in PDF and XHTML formats more accessible. 

Advanced graphic formatting 

Multi-format (Portrait, Landscape, Custom Slide)

Automatic numbering of titles (multi-counter) 

Advanced style sheets for text and tables

Layout in flow (pages) and area (canvas)

Dynamic colors, layer management, imported fonts

The Pomelo-Paradigm experts 

The Pomelo-Paradigm design studio supports you in all your issues related to the design of your regulatory publications. Our experts offer you creative ideas that respect your visual identity and can create your documents on Pomdoc Pro.